The Hoard Planet (THP) Privacy Policy Note :

You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your personal information when you are on The Hoard Planet’s platform. THP is committed to its core in the protection of the personal information you share with us.

Who we are :

The Hoard planet is a global platform for multi-dimensional trendy information on science, technology, travel, and trendy stuff, based in Banglore, India.

The Hoard Planet owns and operates,, and

Collection of user’s information :

THP collects a user’s information when…

1. The user posts content in our products and services platform (eg. when a user comments on a post).
2. The user gives us the details (eg. entering the e-mail address to receive our e-mails).
3. Sometimes automatically when the user browses our sites/platforms.

> We never sell our user’s information to anyone.
> We only use the information as given in this notice and we will only share the user information with third parties for commercial purposes such as promotions (or) marketing only with your consent to do so (or) with the company outside The Hoard Planet that provides its service to us (that might involve them handling your information, but this only when THP has proper safeguards in place); or whenever it’s necessary to oblige the law to share our user’s information with authorities.

When will the user give THP his/her information?

> The user gives us his/her information like name, email address, phone number and/or postal address when the user subscribe to our mailing list, comment/reply to our products (or) services when browsing through our service platforms.
> We use this information to receive and process orders from our online shop and provide technical support if the user is facing a problem with receiving the order.
> Recieve and reply to the user’s feedback and queries.
> When the user specifically asks us about the product information; 3rd party offers chosen by us from our commercial partners, surveys, contests, and advertisements.
> The user can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails.
> Manage our contests and contact the winners.
> Apart from these operations, The Hoard Planet compulsorily relies on the user’s consent for any further of his/her information.
> We will be processing the user’s data in these ways including for marketing purposes.

Feedback And Errors :

THP users can express his/her valuable thoughts and feedback through the mail about any error faced on our platform and we will get back to the querries as early as possible within a day or two.

When does The Hoard Planet receive your information automatically…?

THP receives the user’s information automatically when he/she views our site on a particular device like phone, tab or computer,

We get the technical info like the type of device, the OS of the device, the version and build of the app used to view our site, anonymous usage stats, crash reporting data and unique identifier details like the IP address of the device but we do not use this information to identify the user as an individual.

> We consider this necessary to process and apply your contractual use of our sites and to personalize and improve the user’s experience.
> We also use these details to :
1. Display the right information on your device.
2. Display the most relevant ads based on the contextual idea.

This data will only be shared with the third parties who assist us to provide their services in the best possible way to our users. This data may be cached on your device for short intervals of time in order to improve our platforms for better user experience.

We also use this automatically gathered information about our users to understand how well our websites are utilized by our community and to make sure any technical problems are reported to the support team.

We use GOOGLE ANALYTICS to gather and process this data.
For details about the information google analytics collects and how its collected info is treated visit Their TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY BUSINESS AND PEOPLE THAT THP WORK WITH :

> The Hoard Planet might also collect the mentioned types of information in relation to collaboration we work with and it’s employees as this comes under our core function as a media and e-publishing organization providing journalistic content

We do this to…

> Inform about The Hoard Planet and it’s products to our platform contacts.
> Improve our publications.
> Deliver the products to our clients like sponsors and advertisers.
We also keep the information about our employee (or) a freelancer working for THP with respect to the employment (or) contractual relationship.

However, there are minor differences in how we handle such kind of personal information due to the different relationship with The Hoard Planet troop members.

User Rights :

> The user perfectly holds the right in relation to THP’s use of his/her personal information.
> User can contact us via [email protected] to resolve any queries related to the user’s rights.

We will do our best to respond to any request within 15 days of its notification, but it might take a little longer to reply if the request is complex.

Right to Object Processing :

The user has the complete right to object us processing his/her information if he/she believes it is unlawful while we are processing the data for our legitimate interests. If we can demonstrate that our lawfull purposes overrule your argument (or) that we required to keep your information for legal claims, THP is allowed to continue to process your personal information. Or else The Hoard Planet will either restrict processing of your information (or) halt processing it all together.

Retention of User’s Data :

The Hoard Planet will only retain the user’s data for as long as we have a lawful purpose to do so, connected to the reasons set out in this privacy notice.

This is subject to any reasonable requests by the user that will be considered as above.