Frequently Asked Questions

The Hoard Planet shop is a part of ‘The Hoard Planet’ (THP) which is a trusted global multidimensional knowledge platform and is one of the best and safest platforms to shop. THP shop brings the most relevant products needed for our readers and also the virtual products like e-magazine which is a genuine source of wisdom gathered by the experts with thorough research and analysis of the subject.

e-Magazines are the best and easily portable source of information and entertainment that sits in your pocket. You can have access to this digital source whenever you feel like reading it. e-Magazines are more portable and easy to use than the printed magazines as most modern e-Reader devices are lightweight. It’s now much easier to carry an e-Reader containing an entire library of e-books and e-Magazines than to carry few physical magazines of limited content. By using e-Magazines, you even contribute to save the trees which in turn reduces the production of paper printed magazines.

The Hoard Planet shop accepts payments through PayPal, Credit Card, & Debit Card.

User data security is our main concern. The Hoard Planet has one of the safest payment gateways that secure user’s valuable information like Mobile Number, OTP, email address, etc during the payment. Whenever you make a payment using a Credit or Debit card, your card number will be safely stored on our secure server so that you don’t have to enter it every time you make the purchase using the same card. Your CVV number will not be stored on our server to ensure enhanced security of your transaction.

For a better user experience during your purchase, it’d be better if you register. Go to to enter your personal information. To create your account, the registration form will ask for your name and email address, and it will prompt you to choose a password. When you’ve filled in all the necessary information, click “Create Account” and complete your registration.

As per the terms and conditions of The Hoard Planet, you can cancel your order before the payment completion but once the order is completed after the payment, it cannot be canceled.

e-Magazines are compatible with almost every inbuilt PDF reader of a smartphone, tab, and PC. Here are some of the best PDF reading apps: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Sumatra PDF, Web Browsers, Nitro Reader, Foxit Reader, Google Drive, WPS Office, etc.

After the successful completion of your purchase, the payment bill is auto-generated and is sent to your provided email with an invoice PDF.

In case you failed to download the product in the first attempt you will be having 4 more downloading chances to successfully complete your purchase.

You can try again to complete the download, if the same problem perceives then please contact our support team through [email protected] by sending the screenshot of your problem for quick verification. Our support team member will contact you back with an appropriate solution.

There is no extra charge, maintenance charge or hidden charge. The quoted price you pay during the purchase is the final price inclusive of all taxes and fees.

You can have a limited bulk order for the physical products but the digital products such as e-Magazines, e-Books cannot be purchased in bulk.

Content of our digital products is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence. Recommended mostly for people who are 14 and above.

Hoard Planet e-Magazines are also available on Amazon and Magzter.

No, you only require internet when you are downloading the digital books. Once the download is completed the e-Magazine and e-books are available offline and can be read anywhere, anytime.

We would be extremely happy to welcome you into our troop. To join the troop visit The Hoard Planet website ( go to ‘contact us’ and fill in the subscription-entry form to become a part of The Hoard Planet family. Confirm your verification through the mail and vola… you are part of the family.

Currently you can download one free e-magazine from The Hoard Planet.

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